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you have to be free. free yourself of other people's thoughts

I really am ♥

Yes, I am. :) Thank you God for all the people u put into my life. U gave me the best family ever, and some amazing times with them. thanks God.

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Such a worrier

I don't why worry so much. I guess I care too much. I worry about everybody. I worry about them too, but not as much as my family, and friends.


School oh wait my life. Yeah that's some funny stuff.

I'm loud, but shy. I'm hyper and crazy. I love rap music, disney movies, and manga. I can't seem to find a specific category I fit in. I'm just me.

your body is a temple quotes photography girl outdoors worship bible

Describes Me perfectly!!!

Having Amazing Fashion Sense But Not Enough Money. Just Girly Things.

@Hannah Buckner @faithbushnell I would do anything for you girlies your my sisters;)

And there's not many who make the list but for those who do I would do absolutely anything for the people I love .and that's who I am.