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Gorila bebe - Foto de Marina_Cano_011

Photographer Marina Cano Captures Wild Animals in Their Most Unguarded Moments


Here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter.look at that cute smile c:

Goodmorning fellas !

Borneo baby - Brian Matthew - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009

Cute Critters Frolicking Around Forests of Holland - My Modern Metropolis

Cute Critters Frolicking Around Forests of Holland

Contemplative Gibbon

Gibbon monkey - contemplating life or wondering about dinner?

Every mother loves her children. Let’s look after our planet and all it’s living creatures. Stand up and support the organizations fighting to save endangered species

This mother wants to keep her baby ALIVE, SAFE and FED, just like us human moms.Please don't harm these animals.

Mono Bebe

A Snub-Nosed Monkey.

Golden snub-nosed monkey - Photo taken by Cyril Ruoso in Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve, China (I don't usually care for monkeys. but this tiny guy is precious.

Cute monkey! I don't buy the "only white monkey" - there are so many species of monkey out there, but still, very cute

The Only White Monkey in the Whole World

Albino Monkey, South Africa, Photographer Christy Strever managed to capture the monkey on her last day on holiday in the Kruger National Park