- A Mongolian wolf pup, at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland.

A Mongolian wolf pup was born April at Zoo Zurich in Switzerland. Zoo keepers had prepared a den (with a hidden camera) for the first time wolf mother, but she used it for only several days.

Reddish tint

Mongolian wolf picture from the zoo of Zürich. The light was nice and he was also posing nicely! By Tambako the Jaguar. This photo was taken on October 2009 in Chlosterli, Gockhausen, ZH, CH,


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Le loup rôde près du point d'eau à la recherche de sa proie. Un animal plus faible et plus lent, facile à suivre.

This is literally the closest you will ever get to the best wolf painting

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Over the protests of informed biologists and knowledgeable specialists, hunters, ranchers and politicians devastate whole wolf packs destroying the balance of nature. It's a crime against Mother Nature.