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Diseño de @sylviaduckworth descubierto en el muro de Facebook de @Juany_Olvera

6 Ways Social Media Will Change Your Classroom - TeachThought

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Sketchnote about Sketchnoting for teaching and learning

My #sketchnote of @stumpteacher's excellent keynote today at #ISTE2015. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Josh Stumpenhorst Keynote Sketchnoting by Victoria Olson ‏

New #sketchnote: What Do Teachers Make? Based on @TaylorMali poem cc @dougpete @ICTEvangelist #edtech #edchat

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Wishing ALL teachers "All the Best" with the coming new school year! Your PLN is here to help!

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“Connected students are more inclined to voice their opinions.

“"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story" via

It's a dirty job, but someones gotta do it ...

It's a dirty job, but someones gotta do it .

Ten Things Students Want Educators to Know Hey Teachers! Educator and Sketch Note artist Sylvia Duckworth gives us another reason to love her collectio... - The Physics Classroom - Google+

10 Things Students want you to Know by JustinTarte "All students want you to spend the time to get to know them.

"How can you create a culture of wellness in your school or classroom?  General wellness is an important concept for leading a healthy life wrapped up in a generic term. What does wellness look like and how can you encourage it in a class setting? Sketch-noter Sylvia Duckworth created the graphic above to share tips for supporting a culture of wellness in schools.   Children spend a significant amount of each week day in a classroom.."

Supporting a Culture of Wellness in Schools

How do you teach

“Why do you teach? Or, what do you value in a favorite teacher?


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<b>mindset</b> what is your own internal voice telling you <b>mindset</b> self

25 of My Favourite Googly Things by Sylvia Duckworth

25 of My Favourite Googly Things by Sylvia Duckworth

25 Favourite Googly Things (Updated) by Sylvia Duckworth

(5) Twitter

5 Ways to Lay the Foundation for Innovation

Great infograph by @wenurses

“Confused about social media ? Here it is explained in nursing terms >”

Teachers CAN CHANGE A...

Teacher the change agent

Do's and Don'ts for Healthcare Social Media peeps