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This is so true! You get really nervous and then you have to get them distracted with something

This took me 10 minutes to find out, I’m such an IDIOT I feel embarrassed

It took me forever to understand this joke. I need to start getting more sleep

My cousin told me this yesterday. I don't think she realized how close to her death she was.

I will legit have a 30 minute discussion about what makes each and every member different from the rest whether it be lips, eyes, aiissh don't get me started

It's actually 어떡해....어떻게 is kinda like "how" in a sense. For example, 그걸 어떻게먹어? translates to "how can you eat that" or "how are you able to eat that."

I made an internet friend who was like 'yeah, I'm gonna start learning Korean so you should too!' So now I'm learning Korean apparently