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Karl Blossfeldt (né le 13 juin 1865 à Schielo/Harz; décédé le 9 décembre1932 à Berlin) fut un photographe allemand connu pour ses photographies de formes végétales. Il appartint au mouvement des représentants de la Nouvelle Objectivité (Neuen Sachlichkeit)....

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Karl Blossfeldt - Fine Art Photography  [found at jbe200 & mmmmmmmmmy]

Photography( one of my favourite photographers) would look beautiful in a bright blue or lime green frame Pumpkin - Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt, Cucurbita (Tendrils of a pumpkin), © Karl Blossfeldt Archiv / Stiftung Ann und Jürgen Wilde, Pinakothek der Moderne, München

Karl Blossfeldt - The Complete Published Work de Hans Christian Adam Format Relié

Karl Blossfeldt

It started with an assignment for one of my photography courses in New York City some years ago.

Karl Blossfeldt - Urformen der Kunst - 1929

"Karl Blossfeldt: Masterworks," published by D., highlights 70 of the thousands of plant photographs taken by the German artist in the early

Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt a German artist and professor, captured these ’art forms in nature’ and used them to instruct his students. More of Blossfeldt’s portfolio to see at.

Karl Blossfeldt - Delphinium, Larkspur Part of a dried leaf magnified six times

Karl Blossfeldt Delphinium Larkspur Part of a dried leaf magnified six times

Resultado de imagen de fotografías de Karl Blossfeldt

Art Research- Karl Blossfeldt "The best constructions for industrial design had already been anticipated in nature.

Karl Blossfeldt, Polystichum munitum, Holly fern, young unrolling leaf


Karl Blossfeldt:   Aspidium filixmas, Common male fern, young unfurling fronds

Aspidium filixmas, Common male fern, young unfurling fronds, by Karl Blossfeldt