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Ficus - article of the process from original plant to this Bonsai shown. This is beautifully shown throughout the long and patient process that works so wonderfully for this Ficus material. Ficus is very resilient and has more opportunities than other material (areal roots and easy to do root over rock style and exposed root like this one). If it shocks and looses the leaves, a humidity tent will fix it.

In May of 2004 I visited David Fukumoto at his Kurtistown, Hawaii, nursery, Fuku-Bonsai. David is a long-time friend and Bonsai artist and knowing of my interest in Ficus presented me with a Ficus

Ginseng Ficus– the Perfect Bonsai Tree. I have this bonsai. Fun to care for.

Ginseng Ficus: The Perfect Bonsai Tree for the Beginner

Ginseng Ficus– the Perfect Bonsai Tree. I have this bonsai. Fun to care fo

Grow your first bonsai from seed – Gardening Site

Item specifics Type: Bonsai Tree Genus: Ficus UPC: 782819001835 Item description Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Tree Small dark green leaves make the golden ficus ideally suited for bonsai.

Toda a Beleza dos Bonsais Ficus microcarpa com mais de 50 anos

Como pode uma árvore tão pequena ser tão linda?

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Rejuvenating a ficus retusa bonsai