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CHINESE WARRING STATE beads . antique glass. $125.
Chinese Warring States era beads  with the "eye-type" beads being made generally in the last half of the first millennium BC.
Large early mosaic eye type glass bead (first known use of mosaic cane eyes) from the Iranian Plateau region circa 500 BC (often referred to as "Amlash Eye beads" referring to where they were first found).  Bead measures  21 x 14 mm.
Warring States Glass Bead from Early China
Ancient beads
Islámico Medieval cara de cristal grano 900-1100 ad in Antiques, Antiquities, Near Eastern | eBay
Viking Beads - reproductions of ancient glass beads-available at Beadniks MV
Exceptional Chinese glass eye bead from the "Warring States" period (481 - 221 BC). Diam.  2.54 cm  | Collection: Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York. | Pg 313 "The Worldwide History of Beads" by Lois Sherr Dubin. 2009 edition.
Chinese Ancient Hand Made Blue Glass Sand Stone Colored Bead