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The Notebook- second movie we watched together. i still remember sitting next to him on the couch waiting for him to hold my hand. it took the entire movie with our hands moving closer and closer to each others then barely touching and finally he held my hand! it was about time!! after that followed our first kiss where he said, "ive waited 10 years to do that". awe! one of my favorite memories. that was a great night.

Allie: Say I’m a bird Noah: You’re a bird. Allie: Now say you’re a bird. Noah: If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

Grumpy cat weighs in on Twilight...Aaaand, that's a paws down from Grumpy cat.  Clearly she has sense ;-)

I love, love, love Grumpy Cat. Hate twilight and hate them both to be quite honest. Sorry twilight Fandom!

Universal Auto Sales in Plant City, FL

Universal Auto Sales in Plant City, FL

Scandal Drinking Game- #scandal @Abby Webb we should play this game each episode of the new season hahaha

Austin Brown yall play with me! im sipping Ginger Ale but we can still play! Scandal Drinking Game HW Fagerholm we are sooo doing this