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Los gigantes del mar Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth y Queen Victoria en el puerto de Southampton (Rex-Cunard, 2014)

Queen Mary 2 joins Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. Southampton is the only place in the world to have hosted the Three Queens three times. Three 'royal' luxury cruise liners sailed side-by-side to mark the birthday of the flagship Queen Mary

Sourabh kaleksan

Discussion on is it legal to fly the Jolly Roger on your boat? Where do you stand? - The Jolly Roger flies for freedom.

Captains Cenes ship, The Hell Hole (Or The Gates of Hell. Or something along those lines)

Love, this photo. I love the ocean and sailboats. This storm in the background brings so many thoughts of how Gods delivers us from the storms of life.

Queen Anne's Revenge by ~Uskok (Pirate Blackbeard's ship)

A promo image of the ''Queen Anne's Revenge'', a ship of the notorious pirate Blackbeard, from ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides''. This image is not mine.


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Tall Ship

HMS Surprise, formerly commissioned as HMS Rose. Re-christened as HMS Surprise after her roll in "Master & Commander: Far Side of the World".

Into the eye of the storm • original source not found

Red Velvet Voyage Sailing the earths waters Inspirations and voyage dreams. Sail boats in the blue oceans, cloud filled skies, the beauty of planet earth!Sailboat and the sky opening up to the heavens.

Concept art for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag by artist Raphael Lacoste

Concept art for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag by artist Raphael Lacoste. I think that this Art is great.

Giornio Cini - Google+

"BELEM" Three Masted French Barque) Launched 10 June 1896 The Ship was Originally Launched to Carry Chocolate From Brazil to France. Was Fully Restored in 1979 and is Used as a Sail Training Ship

HMS Bounty

Tall Ship HMS Bounty, home port was St. Thought there was a lot of damage due to hurricane in