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Juan Carlos Taminchi - Onanya -Visionary Art - Electrik Dream - All Reproduction are Signed by Juan Carlos Taminchi & protect by a transparent film.

Pablo Amaringo

אמנות הטבע

By SOUDIERE) Thear by Thear to the Third from desktop or your mobile device

"Observe the space between your thoughts, then observe the observer.”  Hamilton Boudreaux - Artist: Anderson Debernardi  #inspirationalquotes #mindfulness #lifecoaching #clarity #confusionends

"Observe the space between your thoughts, then observe the observer.

Physcedelic shizzle

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If deeper initiations from plant medicines doesn't scare you, you’re doing it wrong. Initiations into deeper mysteries are designed to be scary so that we are humbled and approach with the proper mindset of respect and sincerity.

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Gallery of supernatural, visionary art by Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo.

Ayahuasca curandero

Anderson Debernardi is a visionary artist from Peru. His work vividly depicts different shamanic encounters with the plant teacher, Mother.

Anderson Debernardi is an artist, a master painter from Peru. He is best known for his ayahuasca visions series. His ayahuasca visions are beautifully painted in incredible color with great attention.