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No es flojera, es paz interior.

Ya make me feel so young. You make me feel so "Spring has sprung"And every time I see you grin I'm such a happy frog-dividual.

Chillin', froggie style!

Frog just chillin' on a lily pad. Love frogs and this pic is so cute!

Claim you grown BUT your mama pays your bills and buys the groceries.  Not my business. Who made this delicious tea?  | Kermit The Frog Drin...

Kermit out there snitching & sipping on that tea. He don't know there's a contract out on him. I'd tell him, but that's none of my business. - Kermit The Frog Drinking Tea

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Five green and speckled frogs. "Image detail for -WHEN Melanie Osborne spotted these five frogs peering out from a rainwater pipe during a torchlit tour of her Cairns back yard, she rushed to grab the camera.

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~Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Mother and Babies ~ 4 baby tree frogs sit on their mother's head~~Brings back memories of the "critters" Jack had as a teenager!

Tree frog and chalkhill blue butterfy, photo wil mijer

“ Tree frog and chalk hill blue butterfly, photo Wil Mijer ” -Frog: Ohhh! You are a beautiful.

red-eyed tree frog

The colorful colors in God's palate Red-eyed Tree Frog, photographed by Artur Celes


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