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“No necesito el feminismo” | Mujer y caricaturista | Blogs | ELESPECTADOR.COM

"Women Against Feminism"--- This is disturbing. Someone needs to explain the concept of Feminist thinking to these misguided women.

Why I don't need feminism! #womenagainstfeminism : ) http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/heres-how-one-feminist-responded-to-women-who-say-they-dont

Here's How One Feminist Responded To The Women Who Say They Don't Need Feminism


Feminism is no good for anyone.


15 Women Say Why They Don’t Need Feminism (and look awesome and intelligent while doing so) ::facepalm::

Sorry but women have the right to control their bodies

I don’t need feminism, because real feminism is about equal opportunities and respect for women. Not abortions, free birth control and the ability to walk around like a shameless slut while damning the male population for being born!

So...this is a thing now... | 15 Women Say Why They Don't Need Feminism

14 Women Say Why They Don't Need Feminism

Get rid of all "ism's" and all 'ict's" ( feminism, racist etc) and we are left will individual thinkers.