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jacquesofalltrades:     Drop dead amazing photo of what appears to be an insect on a bicycle (seriously).

"Praying Mantis Riding a Bike" by photographer Tustel Ico. Indonesian photographer Tustel Ico captured this shot of a praying mantis 'riding' two sprouting ferns which look like a bike.

¿Qué es?, ¿dónde está pintado?

Las Nuevas Y Viejas iluciones Opticas [2012]

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Anyone for dogs?

haha - silly underwater dog faces Found via things-that-make-me-laugh :)


There is nothing quite like a perfectly timed photograph. It is almost as if the photographer has insight into what is about to happen, but oftentimes it r

Wacky Critter Close-Ups by Shikhei Goh

Wacky Critter Close-Ups by Shikhei Goh

National Geographic Grand-Prize Winner and Nature Winner, Photo and caption by Shikhei Goh. Arrows of rain seem to pelt a dragonfly in Indonesia's Riau Islands in "Splashing,” the winning image of the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest.

Whhhhheeeewwwwwwwwww! I just love this picture. Ladybugs always make me remember my Mom and what a wonderful, beautiful spirit she possessed! I was a fortunate child indeed! She definitly sparked my interest in nature.

Funny pictures about Ladybug's broomstick. Oh, and cool pics about Ladybug's broomstick. Also, Ladybug's broomstick photos.


Funny pictures about I Need This Baby Hedgehog In My Life. Oh, and cool pics about I Need This Baby Hedgehog In My Life. Also, I Need This Baby Hedgehog In My Life photos.

No podemos ayudar a todos, pero todos podemos ayudar a alguien.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. -- Amazing Quote with a snail and a red soldier ant.

baby owls - Google Search

Today we provides an example photos of beauty owl photography . previously we would like to explain that the owl is a bird of prey groups (carnivores or meat