Guy Williams alias Zorro - 1965

Guy Williams was an American actor and former fashion model, who played swashbuckling action heroes in the and but never quite achieved movie-star status despite his appearance and charisma, which helped launch his early … Died Apr 1989 (age

Эдвард Нортон и Бред Питт

One of my all time favorite movies! Fight Club with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Edward Norton is fantastic in all his movies, this being one of them!

Crush of the Month: James Franco Handsome? No wonder this guy is the adoration of so many women throughout the world. We all want that perfect guy with the whole.


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James Caviezel - el álbum del Club de Fans

James Caviezel - el álbum del Club de Fans

“ Gregory Peck: “I’m a free soul, you remember. Before I became an actor, I wanted to be a writer. Freedom of mind and action is important to me.” ”

Gregory Peck An actor with class. Catch him in: To Kill A Mockingbird. My favourite movie of all.

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Ralph Fiennes - Loved him in the English Patient. Such a diversed actor and Such beautiful eyes!