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Mystic is still the best team 43% of players are in team Mystic. 25 are in Instinct and 35 are in Valo

Omg honestly I just chose Mystic as my team because I like Articunos the most out of the three

Interesting Theory about Pokemon... Wait What ?!? .. Ash isn't Real !?! .. 'o.0' !!!

Interesting theory about Pokemon

Pokémemes - Page 3 - Gotta Catch'em All! - pokémon - Cheezburger>> Literally, what if this is all just one big fairytale that the mom is telling and the creators are conveying that?

Poor Growlithe

Growlithe obeys his master. Growlithe will eat when master says to eat

Death's HG-SS Nuzlocke page 23 by Protocol00.deviantart.com on @deviantART -- THIS IS PERFECT!! THE MILTANK!! XDD "I know."

Firstly, I kinda retconned James' eye colour to yellow/gold but in reality I intended to make them that colour, but when I was making the vs things I co. Death's HG-SS Nuzlocke page 23

PokePuns by RakkuGuy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I am that Kirlia. I even do the smile with the "almost gun" hand gesture. Whatever that gestures called.