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60 Funny Pictures With Captions : Making funny pictures funnier since time immemorial. Here we present a collection of 60 funny pictures with some completely crazy and funny captions.

Some of the greatest teacher comebacks of all times...

Some of the greatest teacher comebacks of all times...

Some of the greatest teacher comebacks of all times. funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke hilarious humor stories marriage humor funny jokes teachers best jokes ever best jokes

Average Women's Magazine Cover...no wonder I feel inadequate all the time

Average Women's Magazine Cover

‘The Average Woman’s Magazine Cover’ Gives An Honest Take On What Women’s Magazines Are Actually Selling

Seems legit.

I would laugh if that last one was like a secret entrance to a night club.

It's all a lie.

It's all a lie.

Definitely NOT me, but it made me laugh though. ‍♀️

Funny Confession Ecard: I only seem to remember I want to lose weight AFTER eating 7 cookies.

I Pretend To Like People Everyday. It's Called Being An Adult And THAT Is Why We Are Allowed To Buy Alcohol. | Cry For Help Ecard

Since I work at a liquor store and deal with stupid, rude people all day, this is particularly relevant. "I pretend to like people everyday. It's called being an adult and THAT is why we are allowed to buy alcohol." Some eCards

These ads aren't real but they'd be so cool if the Smithsonian used them. Boost new membership/audience

Historically HARDCORE

Smithsonian: Historically Hardcore History is so much more bad ass than us