He didn't want to do it!!! :'( | Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. BUT UGH HIM BEING HYDRA MAKES ME SO MAD

I'm so glad Ward's finally dead. It couldn't happen to a worse person.

ahhhh Fitz the most amazing shield character and the one who's been through the most. Because he's giving Skye exactly what he needed most from simmons in his time of need- because he knows what she's going through.---I cried

The most perfect wonderful part of the episode! My new brotp!<<< New Brotp? They have been my Brotp from the start!

This goes out to everyone who has depression based on what they think of themselves. It gets better. You have a purpose in life, and no matter what you think you are always getting somewhere.

Static Quake ❤ I adore the direction Daisy's story arch has gone! Sadly, can't say the same about Simmons'.