A dream. I think of my Baby Sister's dream. And one day, I will help her make it come true.


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Yes. Even when I don't see...even when I don't know. It will all work out.

20 Of The Best Travel Quotes Of All Time

Travel young

I want to travel the whole world, see the big cities and the small towns. I want to experience everything the world has to offer, I'll start Philippines first. from my cultured areas and small town MIN to Big Cities MNL.

Travel without a map.

Well don't get completely lost, but at the same time, don't worry about finding an ending destination. Keep your mind open and get lost in your thoughts. Go on an adventure and explore somewhere that is not necessarily planned out, on your "map.

The Motivation You Need To Jump Start Your 2014

Just go.when it comes to family vacation or just planning trips. this is my new saying, just go. Make the memories count in this life we live. Live life and explore.


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Each year my hubby and our boys can cross another state/country off our bucket list

24 Travel Quotes to Give You A Little Inspiration

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list - Susan Sontag. Story of my life!

The 13 best hostels in Europe travel. Includes Munich and Dublin with recs for Spain and London

Never stayed in a hostel, if I did I would make it onE of these. The 13 best hostels in Europe Includes Prague, Munich and Dublin with recs for Spain and London

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This is a cool idea and it could work for any place, city, continent, or country!

Cosmos & Couture: And then I realized...

and then i realized adventure was the best way to learn. so true

From the Bahamas to the North-Western tip of Alaska once, and then from the tip of Maine to Tiajuana another time.

Our travel agents can help you plan kiddo-friendly family trips! These travel tips are great for trips in the car OR in a plane. Whatever floats your boat- erhm, ship.

Female Solo Travel Tips - insider tips from other women! Good information to know! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to do this

Female Solo Travel Tips

Good tips coming from a solo woman traveler. First solo - Costa Rica. Upped the ante by traveling solo in Jordan. > Female Solo Travel Tips - insider tips from other women travelers!

Top 10 Must-Have Travel Apps #infografía #android, #webprogr Get more Travel apps here

Top 10 Must-Have Travel Apps

Travel apps and tools : Top 10 Travel Apps Infographic: Travel apps have revolutionized travel. What apps do you use when you study abroad?