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a rocket mass heater plan that was submitted for permitting

Here is something I find fascinating, and I’m eager to see if it works as well as they say. This is the Rocket Mass Heater. Here is the wikipedia def: A rocket stove mass heater or rocket m…

rocket stove - Google Search

Thermal Mass Stoves - heat storage with masonry, soapstone and rocket stoves

smallest rocket mass heater (wood burning stoves forum at permies)

I was thinking about trying to build a small rocket mass heater that I could just put on my hearth and have the exhaust go up my chimney.

Dragon Heaters - 6" Rocket Masonry Heater Castle Build Kit, $850.00 (http://www.dragonheaters.com/6-rocket-masonry-heater-castle-build-kit/)

6" Rocket Masonry Heater Castle Build Kit

Dragon Heater Castle Build - Masonry Heater - Rocket Heater without a barrel

Rocket Mass Heater built with bricks and rock blocks

Read step by step how to build an L-shaped rocket Mass Heater with bricks and stone blocks.

Картинки по запросу batch box rocket stove

Results of the 8 batch box thingy at the Innovators Gathering (rocket mass heater forum at permies)

Rocket stoves have very efficient combustion, where the furnace temperature ranges from about 1000C up to 1100C. This type of stove, with a cob bench that carries the heat from the stove through pipes, takes 3-4 people about 3-4 days to build.

13 DIY rocket stove designs to heat your home, boil water or grill a steak. Build the perfect thermal mass heater or cook surface for any survival scenario.

EXCELLENT IDEA - Wood stove water heater ''LIVING OFF THE GRID'' I know someone who built a much larger boiler & have heated their 1500 sqft. log home & hot water for the past 30 years.