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Una hembra tratando de camuflarse entre los machos… sin éxito.

Edinburgh Zoo is home to more than animals, including rare and endangered species, exciting attractions, educational programs, and casual restaurants.

Girl with penguins

~ I the penguins at the London Zoo! ~ Penguin and friend. A little girl holds a penguin’s flipper as they walk together at London Zoo, May, photo by Fox photos/Getty images.

A juvenile gentoo penguin with an adult on the Antarctic peninsula. Photograph: Paul Goldstein/Exodus / Rex Feat/Paul Goldstein/Exodus

The week in wildlife - in pictures

Week in Wildlife: Juvenile Gentoo penguin demands food, Antarctic Peninsula - 2011 they're saying "come at me bro!

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Kyle Anstey's photographs aim to present a unique perspective on the experience of adventure travel across the seven continents. In between travels, Kyle works and resides in Toronto, Canada and photographs city events and architecture.

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Emperor Penguin family > parents with their baby. Emperor penguins share parenting (as you can see from the photo) and mate for life. If their mate dies they will most likely never find another mate.

Newborn Penguin. I can't even describe the amount of adorable in this picture.

It's been a great season for Gentoo, Chinstrap and Rockhopper Penguin chicks at SeaWorld San Antonio! (The chick in the photo is a Gentoo Penguin.