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A partir del siglo XX, las posibilidades de experimentación en el arte aumentaron radicalmente, los artistas comenzaron a utilizar los medios digitales, a apoyarse en nuevos materiales e incluso trabajar con su propio cuerpo en disciplinas como el performance y el happening. Los objetos cotidianos fueron descontextualizados e introducidos al museo como un cuestionamiento político …

El arte que se oculta en los objetos cotidianos

'Ice Cube Dreams' in which a bodybuilding ice cube looks longingly at a picture of the Titanic. The latest creations from Terry Border from Indianapolis, USA, who has made a living manipulating inanimate objects and putting them into bizarre positions

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Ilustraciones con humor negro para los amantes del sarcasmo

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For quite some time I've been relying on Indianapolis artist Terry Border's quirky images that he creates for his website, Bent Objects, to get the job done (you might recall that I'm a big fan).

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Everyday Objects Come Alive - Part 4 - My Modern Metropolis

Everyday Objects Come Alive - Part 4

In his ongoing series, Bent Objects, artist Terry Border combines anthropomorphism and everyday objects to create wonderfully funny wire art works.


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Vous ne connaissez pas encore les Bent Objects de Terry Border ? Ben voilà, maintenant si. Le monsieur est un artiste d'Indianapolis qui donne vie à de petits objets avec des petits fils de fer. Le ré

Top 63 des meilleurs Bent objects, ou la vie en fil de fer

Bent Objects Secret Life of Objects Terry Border 13

16 Random Acts of Genius that Deserve Recognition

16 Random Acts Of Genius That Deserve Recognition


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