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Entry number Lauren Dance to express not to impress.I dance for myself and not to impress others!:) I love to dance and I dance as much as I can even if its in my living room or studio I will always be dancing!

Dance to Express not to impress

When I dance I love to express myself in emotion. I most serenely do not do it to empress people, if anything I empress myself in how good of a goon I am doing.(Most Beauty Quotes)


Mental Toughness and the Law Of Attraction

It's just me and the music

It's just me now.when that person gave up on you. You have the music and I have DANCE! Dance Quote - Words of Wisdom

Dansen is geweldig!

Dance is a sport people. Every dancer says that dance is a sport. But if you are not a dancer you would say that dance is not a sport. I am a dancer so I consider dance as a sport.

"If It Kills Me" — Jeanine and Jason, Season 5 | The 25 Best "So You Think You Can Dance" Routines Of All Time

The 25 Best "So You Think You Can Dance" Routines Of All Time

Jeannine Mason and Jason Glover dancing to Jason Mraz's If it Kills Me, choreographed by Travis Wall


This is so so true me and my ballet friends have stayed together for 7 years and yet we are still true friends


" Someone once said that dancer work just as hard as policeman, always alert, always tense. But I don't agree with that because policeman don't have to look beautiful at the same time.

Some dance to remember some dance to forget.

day a song that reminds of your most recent ex.well its been years but the ex loved this song.Hotel California by The Eagles

This needs to be the sign I hang for my stretch room at the studio

That's what my dance teacher says, that there's no time for standing ONLY dancing!