The best window box is the one you can't see. Whatever you planted in there should be so happy that it cascades down the wall to spill onto the sidewalk, threatening to trip passersby. Here's how to get the look:

Front planter box: Coleus, sweet potato vine, and caladium: They like a little shade, which makes them the perfect combination to plant beneath a balcony or eave windowbox.

Petunias with dusty miller, such a stunning display

Petunias with dusty miller, such a stunning display: Sun Season Spring Container Size 12 Inches Spiller Supertunia® Mini Purple Petunia hybrid Filler Silver Cascade® Dusty Miller Artemisia stelleriana

potato vine is always a good trailing plant!  love using it in the landscape.

Coleus and sweet potato vine for planter-- like the pedestal idea with voluminous potato vine (front-center landscaping)

LOVE these colors and all so easy to grow!

sweet potato vine and what looks like purple wave petunias.LOVE these colors and all so easy to grow!

Shade Window box with: 1. Caladium, 2. Vinca 'Illumination' and guinea impatiens

Shade Window box with: Caladium, Vinca Illumination and guinea impatiens - Beautiful Yards Today

Nantucket window box by pearlsandprose on Flickr....

Nantucket window box filled with sweet potato vine, scaevola, orange trailing petunias and bacopa against gray shingle siding.


Cut a hole in the seat of an old chair and place a pot of wave petunias. Another great chair idea. I am running out of chairs. Garage sales here I come!

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A nice mixture of green plants. Shelley's container designs in British Columbia--click through to see more containers designed by Shelley

what a great combination of hanging and upright plants | Deborah Silver and Co.

so much creeping jenny and pale sweet potato vine! very nice. Sweet potato vines are gorgeous


Pretty Petunia and Bidens 'Champagne and Gold Cocktail Mix' Petunia 'Champagne', Bidens 'Goldstar' Half-hardy Annual A sparkling combination for long lasting summer colour in hanging baskets and patio containers.

front porch urn planter red geranium creeping jenny

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