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Lights On In The Barn~beautiful barn

Lights are still shining in the barn. must have been a long day.

Looks like Springtime in the Northwest.

Looks like Springtime in the Northwest.

It's funny, I also pin beautiful doors and almost every door I find has the location of the photo. Some photos even have the exact address where the door is located but most of the beautiful barn pictures I have found have no information. I wish some of them could tell their story.

This barn with the large double doors on second floor allows a huge load of loose hay to be drawn up and into the hay loft using two sets of pulleys.

Love old barns and this one is particularly sweet next to the water.

In snow storm

Snow coming down on an old north Idaho barn Like this barn with a metal roof to save it.

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I like the red accents. It's like a nod to tradition, but it's easier on the eye than a big red barn. Would not have dormers, looks too much like a house.