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Doctor Who ..  http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who/

always the Doctor, even when he has a new face.

#DonnaNobleForEver she is the best, and I don't care who says otherwise!

“ Thank you, Donna Noble. It’s been brilliant. You’ve… you’ve saved my life in so many ways.

The End of Time reflection

Out of all the things he could do before he 'died' he went and saw his companions, and out of all of them, he went and saw Rose the last, because out of anyone of them he could see right before he died, Rose was the most special to him 😭

The first face this face saw....yeah I cried even harder when Amy 'came back'....

The first face this face saw.yeah I cried even harder when Amy 'came back'.

....."Doctor Who .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

The Girl Who Waited. And Choose to Stop Waiting

i threaten plants

i threaten plants

...Doctor Who .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

...Doctor Who .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

The first face this face saw. And you were seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. :'( And Rose was the first face 10 saw. So sad.

...Doctor Who .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

The Doctor and his Amelia pond. a name from a fairy tale