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i've never thought about it like that

ℓαяяу αf. on

Ji've never thought about it like that<<< I've thought about this before just thought that no one would understand. AGAIN I'M NOT TAKING SIDES ALRIGHT so don't judge or hate on me but, nah I wouldn't care anyways so go ahead

❤ Larry Tweets etc. -love it that that 'someone' is Louis:) .... Lou is always that 'someone' he's talking about !

louis just came outta nowhere. like he was hiding behind harry like tf lol

There are many things i have to say about this. 1) Bromance. 2) CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT LOUIS' BUTTON DOWN SHIRT?! CAUSE I'M LOVING IT. 3) i don't even care how long it is, i love Harry's hair. <3 4) i think that Louis' tic tac toe tattoo is my favorite on him ^-^ okkkaaaaaaayyyy I'm done. :) ~ Ally ^~^ <3

Harry and Louis! (Notice I didn't say Larry Stylinson, I really hate that term. Harry and Louis can't even sit next to each other or be next to each other on stage without people calling it Larry Stylinson!

When, in this brief moment, they decided they would live in each other’s arms forever. | 46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

And then when he watches Louis laugh as he walks away.

46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together

LARRY STYLINSON Hey guys, I am currently not with any boards and was hoping maybe you guys could invite me to some! It would mean a ton!

no chill whatsoever...

:) Niall's just over here like why do I have a doll that looks like me. Lordy what have I gotten myself into Minus the Lordy part it seemed necessary

XD (don't comment Larry please I just thought this was funny)

Larry is real, okay? What about Niam?>>> Of course Niam isn't real! Larry is real! I suggest you open your eyes hun.<<<Oohhh sass guess we get it from Louis but Larry IS real dude anima isint