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Salvo que te lo hagas sobre la columna vertebral, no te dolerá casi nada (al menos, en comparación con otras partes del cuerpo). Podrás ocultarlo siempre que quieras y casi no se verá afectado por las repercusiones inevitables del pasaje del tiempo. Estas son algunas de las ventajas más considerables de hacerse un

7 delicados tatuajes para la espalda y sus significados

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Cruz con Flores

Cruz con Flores

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Small Delicate cross tattoo - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

tattoo of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Lack of serotonin can play a role in anxiety disorders. I want to get this as a reminder to just breathe and push through whatever I'm anxious about.

Serotonin tattoo (the chemical in your body that produces happiness) as an anxiety reminder that I'm not anxious when I'm happy and making other people happy

Your spine tattoo doesn’t really mean you need a design that will cover up your whole spine. This butterfly tattoo could work as well. Butterflies represent rebirth as well as love and spirituality. No winder movies often depicts souls as butterflies.