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Cleveland Museum of Art Crescent-Shaped Earring, 1000-1100 Byzantium, Constantinople?, Byzantine period, 11th century gold filigree with cloisonné enamel, Average - h:2.30 w:2.60 cm (h:7/8 w:1 inches). Gift of the John Huntington Art and Polytechnic

Byzantine period, century ~ Date: Medium: gold filigree with cloisonné enamel Dimensions: Average - cm inches) Cleveland Museum of Art

Listed as "A Fatimid gold earring, Egypt or Syria, circa 11th century".  Have a look at it. How the hell could you get that through your ear?  Look at the hole in the center of the hollow opening.  It's for putting something in. Possibly Perfume?

A Fatimid gold earring, Egypt or Syria, circa century of crescent box form composed of filigree and granulated gold wire, hinged suspension loop

Gold Earring with pearls and roman gem. Modelled after byzantine artwork. Cologne. Before 1096 pogrom. Found in the remains of the jewish quarter. (Now an official excavation, BTW my working place...I`m a student parttime archaeologist:)

The 'Colgone' Earring ~ C. one of the foremost examples of medieval gold jewelry. Gold, richly ornamented with gemstones, pearls and an antique gemma/cameo. Found during an excavation in an cesspit at the edge of the medieval Jewish quarter.

Фрагмент золотого ожерелья с подвеской в виде лунницы. VIII в. Работа византийских мастеров. Село Глодосы Кировоградской области. Détail d'une chainette en or avec pendentif en forme de lune. VIIIe s. Oeuvre d'artisans byzantins. Village de Glodossy de la région de Kirovograd. Ausschnitt aus einer goldenen Kette mit Anhänger in Mondform. 8. Jh. Arbeit byzantinischer Meister. Dorf Clodossy, Gebiet Kirowograd

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Pendant, Egypt, probably Cairo, late 11th century, gold, with cloisonné enamel, The Keir Collection of Islamic Art on loan to the Dallas Museum of Art, K.1.2014.90.

Dallas Museum of Art inaugurates The Keir Collection of Islamic Art Gallery, with an opening on April of a long-term.

gold earring

An ancient Egyptian jewelery like this delicate century earring in gold filigree with a single pearl