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... ¿What is religion?. ¿Qué es religión?.
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Shocking But Meaningful Art From Luis Quiles - Gents HQ
This Beautiful and Controversial Artwork Captures Problems in Modern Society: Sometimes it takes going to extremes to get people talking, and that's just what Spanish artist Luis Quiles does with his illustrations reflecting broken parts of modern society.

These Disturbing Illustrations About Modern Society Are Eye-Opening

John Holcroft editorial and conceptual illustrator. This was for an african fair trade chocolate box cover. They wanted to make aware the plight of thousands of children working as slaves for cocoa plantations.
social_problems_Luis Quiles
Estos potentes ilustraciones muestran cómo revés Sociedad que realmente es - Anónimo
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All you need is a quick glance at Luis Quiles� artwork to get an idea of what�s going on in the world today. Through his raw, and quite often graphic, illustrations, Quiles comments on the big issues. From our obsession with social media and pop culture, to the bloody violence and discrimination that goes on [�]

Luis Quiles' controversial illustrations on poverty, privilege and pop culture (NSFW)