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... "Ayer es sólo un recuerdo, mañana nunca es lo que se supone que es". Bob Dylan.

... "Ayer es sólo un recuerdo, mañana nunca es lo que se supone que es". Bob Dylan.



Bruce Lee | Rhodes Wing Chun Kung Fu | rhodeswingchunkungfu.weebly.com

Bruce Lee - "If you put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus and you must go beyond them.


Custom Ink Drawing Black & White Commissioned Artwork by tarren, This would make a great tattoo body art/ink

Repeal All Laws ... - http://occultofpersonality.net/joseph-thiebes/

Repeal all laws which assume mankind is a herd of cattle. One of Crowley's individualistic statements that I thoroughly agree with even though the man himself was actually a Right Hand Path thinker.

tool band members - Google Search

Drummer Danny Carey on New Tool Album: "I'm Hoping We'll Get in the Studio by June/July"

Maynard James Keenan, Tool (the reason for my tattoo)

That's deep, Maynard.

"il sonno della ragione genera mostri" own version

"il sonno della ragione genera mostri" own version

JUNGIAN ARCHETYPES/ORIGIN: Carl Jung's Archetypes show the different personalities within a person. EXPLANATION: Different archetypes can represent different personalities of a person, or multiple people. EXAMPLE: Similar to the Shadow in Jungian Archetypes, Peter Pan's shadow can represent chaos and trouble.

What Are Jung's 4 Major Archetypes?

Carl Jung described archetypes as models of people, behaviors or personalities. Learn more about the four major archetypes that Jung identified.


My biggest and freakiest crush ever. I love this man.

Ghost of Tupac.

Tupac Shakur