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Its the Weasly car from Harry potter

Another Redneck Innovation. The car swing. I kinda like it <<< Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! So cool. Btw it's not redneck. That's something a car guy would make for his kids. I know because my dads a car guy. Just sayin

Lamp from engine parts

Man Cave Light Distributor Lamp, combined this with the air filter lampshade and your set.

If I have a little girl, I would make a wonderland nursery, and this lamp would be perfect. I would how hard it would be to DIY?!

Vintage Revivals: DIY Anthropologie Teapot Lamp Need a mad garter lamp shade and it'd be perfect!

Friends who play together....stay together! Brotherhood!

Friends who play together....stay together! Brotherhood!

Main Ingredient Monday- Globe Projects

Globes go Lampshade. Vintage globes with antique gold and bronze faux-finished intertior. Leather trim and acrylic finish on exterior. Currently available: Blue and green colored globes, hanging pendant or harp style&