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Alex (or The Reaper of Death) has two other brothers and one sister (The Reaper of Famine - Cane, The Reaper of Pestilence - Jordan, and The Reaper of War - Zoe)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...

alot of TC people - alot of dead people - yes - really alot to attribute to in TC: FBI. - people paid these agencies - ya - to kill and hide dead bodies.


Artworks by Alphonse Inoue (pseudonym of a Japanese artist, known for his erotic ex libris). I choose those that deal with the macabre motif "Death and the Maiden".

Citizen // The Night I Drove Alone

idea - Crow On A Skull Gothic Macabre Art Print Medieval Memento Mori


Amarantha and Archibald End by *AbigailLarson on deviantART. This painting sums up a story idea of mine so nicely that now I don't have to write it.

alien-vibe:  Alex Melentiev  (Source: alien-vibe)

CGPortfolio - Alexandr Melentiev - Fantasy landscapes like this make me so happy.