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Швертбот трепанг своими руками

Швертбот трепанг своими руками

Длина: 7.85м, ширина: 2.3м, осадка: 0.3м, вес: 1156 кг, двигатель: 50 л.с., спальных мест: 6

The MacGregor sailboat is a popular pocket cruiser for day sailing and short cruises. It trailers well and moves like a fast powerboat.

finding my place ...      Sailing with the Whales by fesign on Flickr.

Sailing with the Whales - Banderas Bay - Puerto Vallarta - Mexico.We could hear the whales talk when we put our ear to the side of our metel boat

This is the sail kit for the row boat

Walker Bay 8 & 10 Sail Kits

Special Offers Available Click Image Above: Walker Bay 8 & 10 Sail Kits Performance