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fabriciomora:    Peter Eisenman Church Competition  Roma 1996

fabriciomora: Peter Eisenman Church Competition Roma 1996 / a tutor-suggested precent inspiration, focusing on accessibility in relationship with my initial ideas of domesticity, being able to feel at home, through a open, welcoming space

Peter Eisenman His professional work is often referred to as formalist, deconstructive, late avant-garde, late or high modernist, etc. A certain fragmenting of forms visible in some of his projects has been identified as characteristic of an eclectic group of architects that were (self-)labeled as deconstructivists,

RNDRD is a frequently-updated partial index of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the century.

Peter Eisenman

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City of Culture of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Concept model 1999. Peter Eisenman


Competition model, 1999 Under construction Eisenman Architects City of Culture of Galicia Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Eisenman’s Evolution: Architecture, Syntax, and New Subjectivity

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Palladio Virtual Exhibition / Peter Eisenman with the Yale School of Architecture

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Villa Rotonda Model overlaid with axonometric / Peter Eisenman and Matt Roman The season at the Yale School of Architecture Gallery opened on