Zombie has headache and can't think straight right now. (A helpful strategy for attack, but you have to really F with the zombie to give him a headache.)

Rick Genest by Raphaël Ouellet for NIGHTLIFE.CA

Rick Genest a.a Rick the Zombie, was recently shot by Raphaël Ouellet for the cover of NIGHTLIFE.CA’s April issue. Rick Genest conhecido c.


Fellow Canadian, Rick Genest aka Rico The Zombie and Zombie Boy -- Skulls - Black and White Photography - Tattoos - Ink

Old people answer the annoying question about tattoos, "what happens when you get old?"

Badass :D

Old people with tattoos really are badass. My mom is gonna be one of those badass old ladies with a tattoo.

http://chicerman.com  #streetstyleformen

Skull Face Tattoo: Its your body so why not add some color and style to it, like this skull tattoo face, Its like Halloween everyday for you.

rick genest / male models, tattoos

alias 'Zombie Boy' still possibly my all time favourite 'human canvas' Skullybloodrider.

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Related image

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy. ☀

"Vapeurs " ('Haze') is the title of this cover story by Florence Abelin featuring Rick Genest photographed by Stéphane Roy for the current issue of French fash mag Factice.


RICK GENEST (Canadian artist, actor and fashion model) don't hate me for being slightly in love with him

Rick Genest...the most confident man in the world!

Mod Boy Especial: 130 fotos do Zombie Boy para a mulherada