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Is so cute how kris look that little boy

I want Kris to look at our kid like that some day💕

Wu Yifan #futurehusbandmaterial ❤️

Wu Yifan #futurehusbandmaterial ❤️


vvu-yi-fan: “ “kris wu as xia mu in sweet sixteen ” ”

El niñero Lay cumplió su sueño, casarse con Junmyeon, alias Suho, ali… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Crónicas de un Niñero Casado... Y sus Hijastros Adoptivos 2 (exo/fanfic)

Y sus Hijastros Adoptivos 2 (exo/fanfic)

Verdade kkk

When I first saw this I laughed so hard I started crying laughing XD


luhan and kris moonlight same time crying *screaming*

Jongdae you troll, hitting Kris in the face. LOL it looks like Kris is saying "FUCK" as he turned.

Chen hitting Kris in the face, poor BenBen!

Okay, what even is this from? I keep seeing .gifs of Kris with a little girl, and they're adorable.

Is it just me or it feels like Kris is enjoying starving the kid while she's in a constant battle for that little blue cupcake?

Kris Just can't handle it ahh! I just can't with this! This gif is by far my favorite haha I need an otp name for them #exo

"Kris can't handle the splendor of Xiumin (gif)" EXO


He looks like an anime character. He looks like Zero from Vampire Knight

Sehun helping Chanyeol to go to sleep... (6/6)

Exo's Chanyeol & Sehun Sehun helping Chanyeol to go to sleep.