Running Motivation

Most people think your life changes forever the second you cross the finish line. Runners know that your life changes forever the second you decide to go to the start line.

Getting Inside My Own Head — The Aloha Files. What happens when a mental panic starts to take over and how to overcome it before a race.

Getting Inside My Own Head

:) You know I did!!

I’ve so said this and yes, I feel like it makes everything better! - Healthy Living, Body Cleansing and Fitness - Body Cleansing - Fitness and Healthy Tips


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Someone somewhere is....

Replace with 'Busier than you, less flexible than you are, bigger than you are, older than you are, and more tired than you are. is doing yoga right now'


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At that moment...

Running will break your heart, snatch your pride and leave you begging for your ever lovin' life. But if you're willing to tread through proverbial shit, it will heal whatever it is you're ready to heal