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Swimming Lanes Poster Print features an amazing underwater pool image and hilarious swimming sayings. This poster print makes a unique inspirational gift for swimmers and teams! (Christmas Funny Sayings)

I have a meet Thursday!

Or you have a careless coach and you break your finger doing dives.

Haha too true once at a meet warmup i dove in and suddenly there was a person there and i couldnt breathe and they were just viciously kicking

Lena, Yaroslav, me, Chiara, ha! What shampoo, Emma, everyone when we do fly,  Macrae, Colton , and Syd!

One who finishes before you: Veronique Super fast one: Sam Never understands the set: me- sometimes (but normally it's the warmup, not main set) One who's never satisfied with his or her time: girl (forgot her name!) Injured one: Ty Gossiper: Catrice New

Sport | Tipsographic | More sport tips at http://www.tipsographic.com/

The Benefits of Swimming: By swimming mindfully, we can transform routine lap sessions into an immersive form of moving meditation. When I dont go to the gym, I swim.

Cheerleaders are overrated and cheesy. swimmers actually look good

Cheerleaders are overrated and cheesy. swimmers actually look good << Agreed 💯 percent - Nepeta Winchester

So true

27 Struggles Only Swimmers Can Understand - Anti-fog goggles are a lie. The one about the running isn't really true because I know quite a few people who are good runners and swimmers

Swimming inspiration

Sometimes you need the perfect swimming quote for your high school swimmer. FREE printable just for fun.

I love this

I love this

50 Ways to Jump Into a Swimming Pool Infographic

50 ways to jump into a swimming pool [infographic], be sure to try some of these (safe options!) out to get the most out of your swimming experience this summer!


For my group we have lane 1 as the fast lane,lane 2 as the chat lane and in lane 3 are the drowners. I'm in lane 1 mostly we sometimes turn into the chat lane bc we get done with sets fast.