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voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

Yep me too

voltron legendary defender | Tumblr

She'll most likely get a lion in season two if they stick to the plot of the original show

Sums up Voltron

Sums up their relationship

katie ° 18 ° giant space dork (she/her)   - Another pin closer to a million pins! Wrhel.com

katie ° 18 ° giant space dork (she/her)

Klance just happening, Pidge being smushed, and Hunk offering food

Klance just happening, Pidge being smushed and hyped af, and Hunk offering food.


this is true

"You are in a machine!"

for all who don't know this is referencing the song Control by Halsey or however the hell you spell her name

Oh these are hilarious

westerngenre: “[keith voice] isn’t COD a fish ” just chaotic evil things

Voltron and funny -kuva

Voltron and funny -kuva // Shiro's interactions with Slav were actually my favorite, holy crap.

Suspicious af Lance wtf

Suspicious af Lance wtf What holy shit. Cat or bird eye focal vision right?