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stamenovic:  EUROPAN 12 competition project KAGRAN Wien,...

EUROPAN 12 competition project KAGRAN Wien, Austria TR: Pavle Stamenovic (RS) - architect AS: Dunja Predic (AT) - architect, Dusan Stojanovic (RS) - architect, Zarko Uzelac (RS) - architect full project

student: Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez university: Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid, ETSAM where: Madrid, Spain thesis critic: Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno title: System of temporary-use .

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Tesis:  ’Hacia un método de configuración’. Van Eyck / Blom / Hertzberger. Iniciadores y sucesores’.  Autor: Luis Palacios

illustration from thesis: “Towards a configuration - Van Eyck / Blom / Hertzberger - initiators and successors” by Luis Palacios

archidose - Madrid Theme City Atelier Teratoma

Examples Of Diagram City Architectural Drawings To Inspire You. Ideally, all of the concrete blocks that comprise the pier ought to be at exactly the same dista.