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Chanchitos en haloween

Pigs in a pumpkin. Have probably already pinned this but who doesn't love piglets in a pumpkin?

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i will have one. i will have one. i will have one. i will have one. i want one.


I will get Peyton one some day! She loves pig's!: Tiny pigs the size of teacups, as this photo demonstrates, are the latest pet craze sweeping Great Britain. These little piggies are named Simon and Cheryl. (Photo by Geoff Robinson)

I don't care what anyone says.. I will always want one of these stinkers. #piglet

Developed and used for medical research or as a pet, a miniature pig is also known as a micro pig or a teacup pig. These poor little animals have made headlines

A Turopolje piglet at the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland photographed by Steffen Schmidt

Black and white Turopolje pig breed is highly endangered. The patchy-looking pig originated in the Turopolje region of Croatia and is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of swine in Europe.

Image result for baby pigs

Image result for baby pigs

Que lindos cerditos!!!!!

Miniature pigs are also known as teacup pigs, micro pigs, mini pigs and these are intelligent and good house trained pets. More Cute Pigs

Ja,,, om een paar keer erwten soep kan je toch niet een heel varken slachten hé????

Chris P. Bacon: Chris was born without the use of his hind legs. Len Lucero, a veterinarian in Florida, took the pig home and made a wheelchair for him using toy parts.


In case you're having a bad day, here is a picture of a baby pig playing the guitar!

All sizes | Miss Piggy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This nature Documentary takes a look at reports of hybrid wild hog and domestic pig. These Giant pigs can grow to an enormous size such as hogzilla, researchers confirmed that Hogzilla in fact weighed 800 pounds.


Micro pig eating ice cream at a mini picnic table with a parasol!