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So lucky to have some of AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar's wine at our Rebecca Taylor 2012 Fall Runway Collection Launch Party!


Design your own photo charms compatible with your pandora bracelets. Glass of wine - Verre bouchonné by Gregory Laroche on

How to Buy Cheap, Quality Wine for a Party from Better Homes and Gardens

How to Buy Cheap, Quality Wine for a Party

Be confident in pairing cheese with wine for a dinner party, wine tasting, or intimate evening for two. This guide offers tasty matches that fit naturally with your entertaining plans. Check out cheese and wine suggestions

red wine

the way my world looks after a glass of red wine.ooking for rainbows in the moonlight

Vigneua chevreau Vouvray

Vigneau-Chevreau Cuvée Silex Vouvray Sec, Um Vinho de Arrepiar!

OR To call or email your ex w the i miss you &  boo hooos... LOL

Wine is a passport to the world. by: Thom Elkjer. WINE is medicinal it must be drunk in large quantities to insure it is at a therapeutic level. If you can feel your toes you have not reached that medicinal level.

Aglianico Red Wine Texas made, Texas grown. Eaglefire has planted in Texas also.

A glass of good red wine and an old book..does it get any better?

because reading leather bound literature, and drinking a glass of red wine, can fool anyone into thinking that you are an 'Intellectual', ( even if it is a leather bound copy of Agatha Christie)