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Something strange is happening to the oceans. As coral reefs wither and fisheries collapse, octopuses are multiplying like mad. As soon as they perceive weakness, they will amass an army and invade the land, too. Who will 'They" Vote For ?

An octopus, in need of sunscreen – Boing Boing

An octopus, in need of sunscreen – Boing Boing


Dark Roasted Blend: Awesome Octopi: Cephalopods from Outer Space Veined octopus - Octopus marginatus - puts on a neon show.

The study started as an investigation into declining numbers of the giant Australian cuttlefish (Sepia apama), pictured here in Spencer Gulf, South Australia. (Image credit: David Wiltshire)

Squids on the rise in changing ocean

Unlike the declining populations of many fish species, the number of cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish and squid) has increased in the world's oceans over the past 60 years, a University of Adelaide study has found.

An Octopus has 3 hearts and blood that is a bluish/green color. kinda like Spock (only he has 1 heart)

coming out

A random collection of the most beautiful things I can find. Some pictures are mine,.

hmm did anyone else her a high pitched dictator voice when reading this in their head?

To Glory

Funny pictures about To Glory! Oh, and cool pics about To Glory! Also, To Glory!