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Ti i skudde

Ti i skudde

It's not the era itself that's cool.  No era is wholly cool anymore than the one we're in.  it's the fact that pictures like this allow us to see the coolnesses of an era that's really cool.

Photo (Think North)

*Vintage coke ad Ice cold Coke - this is how I became addicted to Cola. No cafes or Starbucks around, just vending machines where people gathered around and talked while having a cold one.

Coca- Cola tray 1942

My niece asked mymother why that lady was in a dumpster.my vehicles have changed.

How to Make the Coca Cola Truck

How to Make the Coca Cola Truck

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration How to make the Coca Cola Lorry. DIY tutorial guide for turning old Coke cans into a model of the Christmas Coke Lorry which actually lights up.

Vintage coke

a 1914 Coca-Cola ad. The Claxton Coke Plant was once a major employer in Evans County.