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Top Unusual Cat Breeds On Earth.

* * MOM CAT: " Dis be yer last question. Yoo haz asked meez at leasts 20 in de lasts hour.

Looks like someone's a little jealous?

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lovely story w many photos

Barnaby and Stoche, two cat brothers sharing a bed, sleeping side by side


tank u for doptin' me.I promise to cure u with purrs.make you smile when u are sad.and look sooo innocent when I am bad.

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Sphynx cats Scamsters: Is Cheating Cat Lovers By Selling Them Shaved Kittens

Who did a pinky promise with this cat?

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All animals feel love, humans are the only ones that have those who forget/don't know what love is.


Mom, habs I told yoo lately how much I lubs yoo? Yoo so byootifool, standin dere, cookin bacon.

sharing... With that face, we're always going to share. What a sweetheart. ..

This is our Lilli, he came to us as a starving kitten, he was like a bottomless barrel for the first few weeks and usually ate with his whole face, my daughter picked him up as he was gobbling up some milk

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Oh there you are!' - Adorable Fluffy Baby Kitten with a Black Labrador Retriever Dog

This cat's butt is so cute - funny pictures, gifs, jokes. I couldn't even see the cat at first, just the panda.


Frequent cries from your kitty not only tug at your heartstrings for attention, but could mean that your furry friend is in distress. If your formerly plump crying feline also appears skinnier than .