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inugami-san to nekoyama-san - Buscar con Google

Milliana is so adorable

Nalu and Gruvia | kids | next generation | Frozen | you burned your house down again

Gray and juvias kid in the snowman outfit was soooo cute! Lol with natsu having to ask to live with gray! <<<Flipping gray dressed as Elsa!

Frozen x Fairy tail AU

Yasss Frozen version of Fairy Tail (frozen was the first thing that popped in mah head when I met gray)

I want 30 by Chipiron

Then Lucy Covers her private parts haha

Lol I posted this already but

Hahaha this is actually what Laxus thinks about the others No offense: I like all the dragonslayers, especially Cobra because he´s cool and badass. What Laxus thinks about the other Dragonslayers

XD "Only in anime will your take strip in front of you and tell you to do the same" So Truuueeee!!!

Fairy Tail 307 - Read Fairy Tail 307 Online - Page 22

Rogue is so cute with Frosch

Can you imagine Rogue wearing it?

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Natsu and Lucy moment!

Foxy and Bunny (NaLu)

Foxy and Bunny (NaLu) by AyuMichi-me

Happy ^_^

nice Key of the Starry Heavens Book - Fairy Tail 132

The last part XD

The last part XD

Fairy Tail - Gray and Juvia

Fairy Tail Juvia Lockser Gray Fullbuster Le so so so cute *-*

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f6295c03c170c9d5172a3e889748f5a1.jpg 282×2,048 pixels

AU where Gray is an explorer in the far north and he is caught in a snowstorm. He has lost his landmarks and he doesn’t know which way to go, when he hears a voice that leads him trough the b...

Gruvia - Explorer AU part 2 by colored-sky

FAIRY TAIL: that's why i love it

Fairy Tail 309 - Page los de Juvia y Lucy al final, me encantó.