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"The White Walkers sleep beneath the ice for thousands of years" - Old Nan

GoT Beautiful Death

"The white walkers sleep beneath the ice for thousands of years". A Beautiful Death (by Robert M. Ball) ASOIAF / Game of Thrones

I just witnessed a #BeautifulDeath from #GoT Season 2 × Episode 5. Check it out and view the entire collection at  http://beautifuldeath.com/

"What do the smallfolk say of Renly’s death?" "They grieve. Your brother was well loved.” “Fools love a fool.

While you wait for season 7... (Beautiful Death)

Beautiful deaths: Game of Thrones: Season 6 Chapters: by Robert M. Long may she reign ♡

HBo's GoT, Beautiful Death (Season 4) [Incomplete] - Imgur

HBO's GoT, Beautiful Death (Season 4)

Game of Thrones: Beautiful Death - RobertMBall - Let me kill this man for you (Season Episode