Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in burgundy, Pete Townshend's "Number One", featuring two mini-humbuckers in the neck and bridge position and a third regular humbucker with exposed bobbins in between

1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior owned by Mick Jones of The Clash......

1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior, belonging to a Mr Mick Jones of London and proudly carrying every battle scar it won, on tour with The Clash .

Jimmy Page | '59 Gibson Les Paul Standard, "Number Two."

Jimmy Page allowed Gibson's Custom Shop to reissue his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Jimmy Page "Number Two" Signature Edition, 100 VOS, and 50 Tom Murphy Vintage Aged Replica, signed and numbered by Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Page Gibson (yep, I'm a Zeppelin fan .and write about it in my book Dispatches from an Island Surrounded by Cows armadilloisland.

ESP Standard Series Eclipse EC-1 Custom in Vintage Purple... like the body colored pickup covers

ESP Standard Series Eclipse Custom in Vintage Purple. like the body colored pickup covers

This is the Fender Stratocaster played by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in 1968.

nuf said: Jimi Hendrix' "Woodstock" Fender Stratocaster). Paul Allen bought this at auction for million.

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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Axcess Iguana Burst W/ Floyd Rose | Rainbow Guitars

Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Axcess Iguana Burst W/ Floyd Rose (I'll take it as a hardtail)