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Hope Summers

A collection of Marvel comic book artwork from the golden age of comics to the present.

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The White Phoenix art by: Adam Kubert, Avengers vs X-Men issue 12 Hope defeats Cyclops and becomes Phoenix

NEVER! I hate that she was created to be a Junior Jean Grey and nothing else. Her powers are kinda stupid and I hate the team she created. They are almost all whiny brats that need to be spanked. For this she has earned a NEVER from me.

Hope Summers (Earth-616)


Hope Summers (Earth-616)

Hope Summers - Real Name: Hope Summers - Major Powers: Power Mimicry - Joined: Circa X-Men: Legacy (August, - X-Plained: Part of the crazy Summers family tree as Cable’s adopted daughter (who also grew up in the future).

✭ Hope Summers by Sara Pichelli

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Hope Summers (Earth-616)